Airport Gates App Reviews

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Only the first map loaded in a session is accurate

Just loaded on iPhone 4. All maps appear to be the same layout, just stretched differently. But if I close the app, and reopen and pick another airport, I get a new map that seems accurate. So seems only the first map selected in a session is accurate.


Need I say more?

Doesn't work on 3Gs

Title says it all.

Needs improvement...

Good with what you have but need to add more international and US busy airports


I just downloaded this to my 3gs. I tried Salt Lake City - it worked. Tried Denver and Seattle. The gates and airport plan did not match. Then tried other airports and all airport layouts looked the same. Powered off and on. Things did not work. Giving up.

Okay buy......

How about Sacramento & Tampa Bay?

Essential App for travellers

Just got App and used it for my flight through Chicago. App gave me a detailed map with my departure gate. Saved me lots of time and worry in getting through the airport. Would like to see map of Seattle. Great App!!!!!!!!!

Great functionality

This is the best gate-map application I've seen. The detail available sometimes exceeds what is available on airline and airport Web sites (e.g., PHX). The familiar pinch-to-zoom functionality works flawlessly, and the teardrop markers for arrival and departure gates are a big bonus. More maps would be a welcome addition.

Very handy Airport Terminal Gate App

No frills app shows me my arrival gate and departure gate on an airport map, which tells me if i need to hit the ground running or stroll to my connecting flight. One less unknown removed from flying. Add more maps please.

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